Kent Sussex Community Services A community of fellowship, growth, and recovery


It is better to lead than follow. That is why Kent Sussex Community Services is considered to be one of the major public outpatient addiction, mental health, treatment & HIV counseling, testing and case management Centers in Delaware’s lower counties , with offices in Dover, Georgetown, and Laurel

Our mission is to assist persons with single or co-occurring disorders in addiction, mental health, and/or HIV / AIDS to achieve and sustain recovery; improving their health, wellness, capacity to live a self directed life, and reach their full potential. We accomplish this, while protecting the public through the provision of quality, culturally competent, and financially responsible services.

Our Core Values

  • Services are conducted in such manner as to enhance the dignity of all clients served
  • Services provided are relevant and effective for cultures represented in the population of persons served
  • Services are easily and readily accessible to all persons served including those with co-occurring mental health and other disorders affecting health and quality of life.
  • All persons seeking help shall be provided effective service or assisted in accessing appropriate service should their needs be outside the scope of services provided by KSCS.
  • KSCS is committed to Prevention of disorders affecting health and quality of life
  • KSCS shall protect the confidentiality of all persons served by the organization
  • Persons served shall be actively engaged in the recovery planning process
  • Input from persons served and their families shall be actively solicited in program design and the effectiveness of service delivery
  • KSCS shall provide services that are responsive to input from persons served and their families
  • KSCS shall serve as a leader in advocating for services to the KSCS population of persons served
  • KSCS shall promote professional development through supervision and training opportunities
  • Ensure that all KSCS staff demonstrate adherence to ethical codes of their professional practice.
  • Ensure that KSCS demonstrates adherence to accepted business and accounting practices