Kent Sussex Community Services A community of fellowship, growth, and recovery


HIV/AIDS program provides case management services through the Diamond State Health Plan-Plus and Ryan White Care Act to individuals living in Kent and Sussex Counties.

The program provides support services such as transportation, case management, and outreach prevention. In addition, FREE and confidential HIV counseling and testing is offered through our intervention and prevention program.

Drug Court Diversion

Drug Court Diversion provides an array of education, counseling and urine monitoring services to individuals diverted from the criminal justice system by Superior Court and the Court of Common Pleas drug court judges.

Smart Start

The Smart Start program provides counseling and case management to woman that are currently pregnant, or who have recently given birth, and their families living in Sussex County. Staff assist clients with obtaining services such as housing, financial assistance, employment, etc. Staff also provide substance abuse counseling to those families struggling with addiction. Women and their families are encouraged to stay enrolled in the program for three years. Through regular home visits, staff provide information appropriate to the child’s age on a variety of topics such as developmental milestones and safety.

Substance Use & Cooccurring Mental Health Treatment

We view our organization as a community of recovery that offers individual treatment designed with respect to the needs, values, and diversity of each person seeking help. Services including detoxification are provided on an outpatient basis where persons can remain in their homes without interruption to their jobs. We offer individual and group counseling as well as medication assisted treatment that is evidence based and proven by extensive research to be effective.

Although many persons achieve and maintain recovery without the use of medication, many persons find the support they receive through medication to be critical to their recovery efforts. We offer state of the art medication therapies for the treatment of substance use and mental health disorders. While working a recovery program that includes counseling therapy and peer fellowship, persons in need of medication assisted treatment may have medication dispensed at the clinic on a daily basis or by prescription. Individual medication regimens depend on the level of care desired by the person being served and deemed medically appropriate by the KSCS physician and staff treatment team.

Our service array is primarily designed to address substance use, and co-occurring mental health disorder. Many persons entering treatment have additional challenges which we believe have a tremendous impact on recovery. These often include co-occurring trauma, physical health disorders, or problems in other life dimensions, such as employment, housing, family relations, or legal concerns. Many of these challenges can be addressed within the KSCS constellation of services. For needs that fall outside our service array, our staff and peers have an extensive knowledge of local resources and make every effort ensure that persons seeking help have access to services that best meet their needs.

Persons joining our community will find a welcoming environment with caring professional staff and peers to support them in their journey of recovery.

Our substance use treatment programs are funded and licensed by the Delaware Health and Social Services, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and Accredited by the International Consortium on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


This is a 24 hour 7 day per week on-call program providing transportation services to detoxification and treatment centers for residents of Kent County Delaware.

Children, Youth & Families Program

The Children, Youth & Families Program provides outpatient behavioral health treatment for children and adolescents. Whenever possible, parent(s) or other caregiver(s) are actively included in the treatment process. We use a positive, strength-based approach to support good communication and cooperation within the family as we work toward resolution of the issues bringing a young person to treatment. Our counselors work with a variety of emotional or behavioral issues such as unhappiness or depression, overcoming troubling or traumatic events, ADD and ADHD, parent-child conflict, problem behaviors, use of alcohol or drugs, truancy, out-of-home placement, or involvement with legal authorities.

Services also include working with young adults age 17 and older as they transition from being a minor to assuming an adult level of responsibility.